Monday, January 29, 2007

Bus 174

Although I had to leave the movie a little early to go take a midterm, I had my mind up about the movie. It was a very captivating movie that made me really think about how unfortunate some people are in this world. I think it is easy to stand back from this country and really forget about how some other people in this world are struggling. I think the movie did a good job in showing both sides of the stories and allowing the viewers to witness the complete story and not just the side of the police and the SWAT. I put myself in this category especially, but it is hard for us to really appreciate some of the greater things in life such as being in this country, and also how fortunate we are to be able to get an education. While most of us are trying to have the time of our lives, other people are struggling to survive. I think it is remarkable that the hostage situation was used in order to get a message across, and I think people in this country need to make big steps in order to fight the war in Iraq. It is not impossible for something bad like a hostage situation to happen in this country, especially one that is more violent. I think a movie like that really gives me that reminder of staying grounded and really remembering how other people are struggling and also how other people are trying to make a difference.

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