Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bus 174

Homelessness has always been a concern for the majority of larger cities that sweep our nation such as N.Y.C., San Francisco, and Chicago. We are always torn between lending out a few coins here and there to the homeless. Our government works to help these disadvantaged souls. Unlike the U.S., Brazil isn’t this fortunate. Not only does Brazil have homeless adults, but sadly homeless children as well. The Brazilian police opened fire on the homeless children in the streets. Something we would seldom see in the U.S. There were around 60 children shown living on the streets and begging for food. They didn’t have an orphanage, a soup kitchen, or welfare pay to depend on as American children and families have. This just releases a huge gasp of relief to not have to worry about children living in such slum conditions as Brazilian homeless children must do. The video also made me more aware of the conditions people are living in outside the safe boundaries of America.

Bus 174

An important issue was the child poverty and the law enforcement. They explained in the movie that if people can't get jobs their last resort is a police officer. It doesnt seem as if they get the proper training because the people living in poverty explain how they get beat by the police frequently. These homeless children in Brazil are left with nothing no where to go.It is expected that they are going to steal and grow up to be angry and confused. They have had no direction in life, no one to tell them whats right and wrong. They have been force to grow up too quickly. They get involved with drugs and are pyschologically unstable. Saundro was trying to prove a point because he was desperate from what the people did to his mother before his eyes. The police let the situation drag on too long before they did anything, and when they tried shooting Saundro after he left the bus they missed him. They didn't do anything to help the hostages or even try. When he explained what he needed, there was no police officer on the video that even tried to get what he wanted. Not saying they should have got the gun and granade, but they didn't try to negotiate either. It was very convincing that they have not been trained to anticipate such situations. Comparing this to America, our Law Enforcement if much more powerful and experienced than in Brazil. Child poverty is a major issue world wide.

BUS 174

i think the most important question Bus 174 raised in my mind is basically simple right vs. wrong. We are all brought up to know obvious things like killing, stealing, and fighting are "wrong" but what if they are absolutely necessary. For me its hard to say that, just because Sandro had a rough past with his mother, that its no ok for him to do these types of things. I think unfortunate is the best term for the entire situation. However, I am unable to say completely that I wouldnt have done some of the same things Sandro did in order to survive (Minus the Hostage-Taking). If it was life or death for me, I beleive i likely would find myself in a street gang or robbing someone at a traffic light, survival would overcome right vs. wrong.

Bus 174

Before watching this movie I had never really realized how many children were living in poverty. This movie shows what children have to deal with when they are trying to survive out on the streets all alone. Although we may say that some of the stuff the children do is not right, this movie also makes you realize that most of the stuff that these kids do is just so that they can survive. It is especially sad to hear what the kids have to put up with from the cops. These children are living on the streets all alone, and may not even be doing anything wrong, but this movie talks about how these kids would get beaten by the cops for living on the streets. I think that we dont realize how bad it actually is and how many children really are living on the streets fighting for their lives at such a young age.

Monday, January 29, 2007

I think that regardless of you whether you were brought up stealing or not, peopleknow that it is wrong. The peasants that live in those countries see the divide in who is who, and they recognize that there are people paying for things. I sometimes think that they do this to get by, but that doesnt make it right. Poverty in these countries is a serious problem, however i dont think that throwing kids in juvie(especailly under circumstances likethose we witnessed in the video) are necessarily helping straighten kids out. Its a brutal system, and we have the same thing going on in our own country. It may not be as bad yet, but the cycle is clear. As for a solution to this....I am unaware!!!!!!

bus 174

This movie really raises a lot of both questions and feelings. For instance, even though stealing and robbing are wrong, if you have to do it to live does that make it ok? We have always been raised and taught that hustling and stealing is wrong in society. What would we do if we had no social security number and no one would hire us? I think that no one is wrong in what was happening. The measures that were taken were wrong though. If you have to steal to survive that is one thing, but steeling for drugs and hurting people isn't right. That whole situation isn't a good one. I think we don't see things like that because we choose not to. No one wants to know how bad things are for some people. Society isn't perfect, but it is the best method so far.

Bus 174

Although I had to leave the movie a little early to go take a midterm, I had my mind up about the movie. It was a very captivating movie that made me really think about how unfortunate some people are in this world. I think it is easy to stand back from this country and really forget about how some other people in this world are struggling. I think the movie did a good job in showing both sides of the stories and allowing the viewers to witness the complete story and not just the side of the police and the SWAT. I put myself in this category especially, but it is hard for us to really appreciate some of the greater things in life such as being in this country, and also how fortunate we are to be able to get an education. While most of us are trying to have the time of our lives, other people are struggling to survive. I think it is remarkable that the hostage situation was used in order to get a message across, and I think people in this country need to make big steps in order to fight the war in Iraq. It is not impossible for something bad like a hostage situation to happen in this country, especially one that is more violent. I think a movie like that really gives me that reminder of staying grounded and really remembering how other people are struggling and also how other people are trying to make a difference.
The main focus of the movie about the bus hostage situation did not catch much attention from myself, mostly because events like that happen quite often in America, however we handle them much differently. Instead it was the facts and problems behind the children living in poverty. These kids are pushed out of society at such an early age, leaving them with no other way to live their life other than to turn towards theft and crime. This is all they have ever known and is the only way they are able to survive. In America we have many of the same problems, however children are given more of a chance early in life, keeping them off the streets and showing them a better path to take; from there it is their own decision. Events like these around the world help to make sure that we are aware of poverty, and that we essentially learn from other countries' mistakes.

Bus 174

The issue that stuck out to me was that of the street kids in Brazil. I couldn't believe how many kids were living in poverty on the streets of Brazil. These children and adolescents had to steal in order to survive, and they weren't given any help by the government or citizens of their nation. It reminded me of the Disney movie Aladdin how these kids fought for survival and people hated them but wouldn't do anything to help them out. Issues like this haven't really been talked about in the United States that I can think of. The closest issue that comes to mind is that of gangs but these groups seem to be more violent oriented. I could be totally wrong because I don't know much about these groups. I truly hope that children are more cherished here in the U.S.A. and we don't have situations of "street kids" like that of Brazil.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Bus 174

The one thing in the film that stood out to me was the lack of order. The police had no control of the area around the bus during the crisis. If that was in America there wouldn't have been a civilian within a mile of that bus. The lack of control during the incident seems to reflect the atmosphere of the nation in general. Police officers have little to no training, murder helpless children on the streets. Prisoners are packed into jail cells like rats, and there are thousands of children with backgrounds similar to Sandro's with nowhere to turn. They run to a life of crime, and most end up in jail or victims of violent deaths. The bus incident is what happens when all of those factors (with a lot of drugs) come together to create a dangerous and violent situation. I like to think that what happened to those children outside the church would never happen with our justice system in America, and it's frightening that there are nations out there where it does.
I was appalled at how children in Brazil are treated. Here in the U.S.A., we value the life of a child so much that you can drop off a baby at a police station or fire house and leave them there, no questions asked. In Brazil, many of those children would be left out the cold to fend for themselves. Even the police mistreat children, instead of offering help. Sure they rob and steal but that's so they can get by every day. It's a shame to see the conditions in which these children grow up. Brazil has a major problem that needs to be addressed and it seems as if all they're going to do is neglect the future of their country. I have a dozen cousins the same age as those kids and it makes you sad to think of them in those conditions, stealing, robbing, and sometimes killing just to live through the nights.

Bus 174

The thought of kids moving into the street is mind-boggling to me. I know that I would be incapable of survivng under the conditions these children survive in. I was really struck by how cruel and ignorant some people can be. For instance, the kids said they couldn't sleep it open places for fear that people would see tem sleeping and drop pavement stoned on their heads to kill them. This shows a grotesque lack of appreciation for human life. I think in America we treat the homeless better than the Brazilians do, however we also wish they were invisible. Homelessness is a troubling problem that is very difficult to deal with. On one hand those kids deserve a chance, on the other some of the homeless people are there because of bad decisions or habits (drug usage) that they had in the past. There are no good and bad people, its just hard to determine who gets a shot. For the most part I think adults should be held accountable for there own misfortune, however there is no way a group of kids should have to form gangs and rob people at gunpoint in order to survive. This shows that the public is not paying attention to a volatile situation. I was also repulsed when the crowd tried to lynch Santo, I do not care what his crime was, there is no reason for a man to be mangled by an angry crowd.
In my mind, the most disturbing images in the movie were those that showed the way law enforcement officers handled prisoners. These people were crammed into really small jail cells.
Cells that could hold five prisoners had almost 20 in them and it caused all of them to have to sleep on top of one another. Officers also were beating the criminals and causing anger amongst them. That is very inhumane treatment for these people. Although they have broken the law, they still deserved to be treated in humane ways. That is what stuck out to me most, because if it can happen in Brazil, it can happen anywhere.
In my mind, the most disturbing images in the movie were those that showed the way law enforcement officers handled prisoners. These people were crammed into really small jail cells.
Cells that could hold five prisoners had almost 20 in them and it caused all of them to have to sleep on top of one another. Officers also were beating the criminals and causing anger amongst them. That is very inhumane treatment for these people. Although they have broken the law, they still deserved to be treated in humane ways. That is what stuck out to me most, because if it can happen in Brazil, it can happen anywhere.

Bus 174

After watching Bus174 in class, I was upset at how oblivious I was to the world around me, eventhough this was Brazil, the same things are happening here in the United States as well. I just cannot imagine leaving my home, and my family and "disappearing" like the kids in the movie did. They just up and left their lives for something.. better? How bad could their homes and families have been in order to leave with the, only option, of running away and becoming a street kid? Some of these kids when they were five years old!! My sister is five years old, she still makes my mom get her dressed! My sister's daily concerns are what time Spongebob Squarepants is on TV, and what picture she is coloring in Pre-School. She wouldn't survive on the street, the idea would never even cross her mind. The thought, at eighteen has never crossed my mind! These street kids though, they join gangs and sleep together, and become a family on the street. A family of five through fifteen year olds, relying on stealing and donations for food and survival, many getting into drugs with the only money they can find. It's crazyy to think about. I just can't beleive I was so nieve and blind about the whole situation. Although, I doubt five year old in the United States are running away, but certainly ten year old and older. There should be more domestic violence rules and laws and other societal watch programs and violence programs/shelters in order to keep this from happening, and to keep children out of jail and off of the streets.

Bus 174

The issue that I was thinking about most was how so many children were living in poverty. I had no idea how terrible of situations these children were living in before I saw this movie. So many children ended up on the streets and in gangs. These children were left homeless or abandoned and had no where to go. They had to steal food, they had to sleep in the streets, and they got into a lot of fights. They had no one to protect or help them, or to teach them right from wrong. All they had was each other. All they wanted was to be accepted and to feel like they belonged. That is why they got into trouble so much, they just wanted some attention. They were treated horribly by society; they had no one on their side. The police probably treated them the worse, constantly threatening and beating them. These children were never given a chance; they were just put down from the beginning.

Bus 174

This movie made me kind of sad because it reminded me of a friend i lost to drugs. Just like Sandro, the drugs started out recreationally but then they became an everyday thing until he was constantly high for several days in a row. I can understand the point the movie makes in saying how sniffing glue and coke change ppl because my friend is no longer the same person he used to be. His creativity used to be his most attractive trait and now it is dulled, his drive to do anything is completely gone, and his once open mind is now closed. He doesn't think through his actions, especially when he's high and it is easy for me to understand Sandro robbing a bus after considering that he was high.
-Tony Carkido

Bus 174

The issue that was most brought to my attention during Bus 174 was the fact of homeless children forming gangs, living in big groups in the streets, and the impact that this way of life has on their individual personalities. It was hard for me to embrace the concept of children choosing to live in the streets even if they had a family or were able to get in touch with other family members. I guess all they think about is surviving and they do this the only way they know how. And it amazed me that even if certain children were not being beligerant or ignorant towards society they were still beaten, threatened, and killed by law enforcement. Living in an environment like that really changed how those kids acted and the way they thought about the world. Just because they were trying to stay alive the only way they knew how, they were almost forced into hating society and taking such drastic measures to get back at those who had done them or their families harm, such as Sandro did. No one will ever know what those kids could have amounted to if they had not been in the predicament to live their life in that fashion.
Bus 174 uncovered so many hidden secrets about not only Brazilian culture, but also about many cultures. This is true because to some extent, all countries face racism, poverty, and issues involving inequality. The issue that seemed to perpetually stand out to me while watching the movie was that of police brutality. While the street kids seemed to be disliked and in many cases hated by the Brazilian affluent society, this pattern seemed to be a common view also held by the untrained Brazilian police forces. It was seen over and over and heard throughout the interviews from the street kids that they were beaten and had to fight back. At this realization of the direct racist nature of the Brazilian culture against the unprotected and unfairly labeled street kids, I realized that America seems to maintain a certain amount of police brutality against several minorities. Whether it is the beating of African Americans, Latino Americans, or any other group losely associated with gangs, drugs, or violence, it is evident on the news and in everyday life that these groups are unfairly labeled and then treated differently than the majority white population. This white majority is not always given the benefit of the doubt, but at the same time, it is the white majority that legislates the laws in America, and for this reason, seem to openly regulate the social norms of our culture. Until the street kids of Brazil or the minorities associated unfairly with violence in America are given an oppurtunity to prove themselves and break through the poverty barrier, the affluent, majority of the culture will continue to decide who is and is not treated unfairly in the direct use of police force.
-Wes Cross

Bus 174

I believed that the subject brought forth in Bus 174 is an extremely important subject, which is homelessness and gangs. Growing up in a suburb Cleveland (one of the highest rates of poverty and homelessness) I was able to understand certain circumstances. This movie made me really think about those who are not as fortunate as us writing these blogs. But, the main issue that I really focused on in this movie was not just the fact of a hijacker on a bus, but how different situations are handled in different countries. The policemen were untrained and inexperienced which is a very important flaw in their law enforcement. When situations go out of control enforcers should be able to take charge and handle the situation calmly and professionally. The way that the officers let the hijacker take control of every aspect in the negotiation was absolutely horrible. There is no reason why the men who cant get jobs end up being the men who protect you. It just disgusted me that the police force and SWAT team let this situation continue until someone innocent died. They had plenty of shots to take at the bus, but didn’t because they didn’t want to kill the hijacker but as soon as he shot and killed the woman they deliberately killed him in the van. Acting out of ignorance and embarrassed by their inability to control the situation they murdered him. Two people died because of the inexperience of the law enforcers.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Bus 174

In the movie, Bus 174, the children are subjected to gangs, where they only learn ways to survive. The children must steal food and fight. They also get caught up into drugs. Without parents or someone to help take care of them, these children do what they must to survive on the streets. Some may see these children as the ones who cause trouble, which they do. However, they are also the victims of a poverty-stricken nation. Sandro, who takes over the bus, only has the influence of other kids, who live on the streets, to educate him. This type of up bringing leads him to feelings of revenge, of his mother's death, and hatred. This is the reason for him hijacking the bus. Sandro knows no other way to get attention and make his point clear. He is a victim of neglect. He sees the bus as an opportunity to draw attention to himself, however, the movie makes it clear that he is sincere and means no harm. This goes to show children with no postitive influence, who are left alone to surivie, have no judgement of right reasoning. This is because they know no other way, only how to survive, even if that means through bad, unrational actions.

Bus 174

The major thing I was thinking about as I watched this movie is how hard life must be for homeless people. Although homelessness isn't really something that is talked about in America, it is present, even if it isn't quite as serious of an issue here as it is in other countries. I feel like when homelessness is brought up, especially here in the U.S., many people say that it is partially the person's fault for being homeless because everyone just assumes that people who are homeless are drug/alchohol addicts who just don't care enough about themselves to find a job. I think this is a huge stereotype, and this movie pointed that out. Although many people do end up becoming addicted to drugs, it is more because they had absolutely nowhere else to turn to alleviate their misery. This movie also made me think about law and law enforcement. I am still unsure of who was right in this situation. On one hand is Sandro, and people like him who have been pushed so far and hurt so many times that they are beyond repair. None of us can exactly judge what he did, because none of us have lives anywhere near what his was like. On the other hand is the police force, who were just trying to do their duty and follow orders. However, if the police had not acted so rashly, two deaths-Sandro and Geisha's (I think that was her name) might have been avoided. It is hard to pick sides, but I do not think that Sandro should have been killed because I don't believe he was ever intending to kill anyone, he just saw a gun and reacted on his instincts.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Bus 174

While I was sitting there watching the movie I thought it was shocking. What the movie made me think of is the psychological damage that children that are neglected or went through bad situations go through. It is like so many children rebel against parents and others because they are neglected by their parents and family or because they don’t have any family at all. They do it for attention to belong to a group they would call family. They even go as far as Sandro did. When children fail to do right and get into a lot of trouble, society just rules them as bad people. I think they fail to see that the kids are the way they are because of society and the way that grow up in this world. Like in the movie how Sandro was upset for the police beating his friends and his mother’s death. Those things happen all the time which leads the child to bad things. This is a little off topic, but I think that children that do well doesn’t get that much attention as a bad kid. People tend to worry about what the bad child has done now. I feel that is why a child decides to do bad things to get attention, which is something that they lack. Sometimes when children go through traumatic experiences, the people that didn’t help them or hurt them, they feel that they need to get revenge or let that person know how they feel by expressing themselves. Like in Sandro’s case he held up a bus and told the police how he felt about his mom’s death and about them beating his friends. He probably felt that this was the only way to get anyone’s attention. Overall this movie just made me think about the psychological and mental damage that children go through from traumatic experiences that guides their adult lives.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Unfortunately, my high school did not really cover much information on Martin Luther King Jr. It is pretty sad because I feel it is really important. In my junior english class we went over his dream speech, but that was about it.


My school didn't go into much detail about Martin Luther King Jr., and by reading the other blogs it doesn't seem like many other schools did either. We learned just a little bit about who he was and what he was fighting for, but other than that we didn't really talk about it much.

My school spent alot of time on the civil rights era. we not only studied the period in history class, but also in english class my sophmore year. In english we were required to write a research paper on a civil rights issue or leader. After all the assigments were turned in we were required to go in front of the class and present our topic for everyone to hear. I spent alot of time reading civil rights books and watching some civil rights movies in order to gain enough information to write a 9 page research paper. I think i have above average knowledge of the civil rights era.
- Tony Carkido


My school did a pretty good job covering Martin Luther King Jr and the Civil Rights Movement. We learned about it in 10th grade and 11th grade and then briefly went over the topic again in 12th grade. I feel honored to have gone to the school I went to considering how much everyone else is saying they went over the topic. I think schools need to start educating their students more about this subject because it is one of the many bright spots in our world's history and it almost goes unnoticed a lot of the time. Once again, I am so happy that my high school taught me about this period not once, not twice, but three times during a 4 year span.


Unfortunately my high school didn't go into much depth about Martin Luther King Jr. We learned he was a pastor from Alabama that wanted equal right for blacks, and that's about it. I feel like we talked more about the tragedy of his assassination than what he actually did in life.


In my high school, not much was covered on civil rights. We did talk about Martin Luther King Jr. but it was just the basic information about him, nothing too in depth. What he was fighting for was pretty much it. We talked very little about anything else that had to do with civil rights. Whatever was in our books was what we covered, and there wasn't a whole lot. To be honest, I can't remember much of anything that had to do with civil rights.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Throughout middle school and high school my teachers never really did a good job in really explaining the impact that Martin Luther King had on this country. When I was taught about him, it was more or less looking at him as some ancient figure or some fact in a history book. We never really learned extensively about him or watched clips or documentaries about him. The majority of my knowledge of Martin Luther King is through my own research or on my own watching of documentaries. He is really an underappeciated man and I asked my history teacher my junior year why we never really talked much about him or Malcolm X and she said that "we had to start the Vietnam War" (which we spent forever on).

Monday, January 15, 2007


I remember learning general information about the civil rights era in my 8th grade history class. Mostly the same things everyone else has said they leared. We went a little more in depth in my 9th grade class, of course I hardly remember any of the details. After the 9th grade, I don't believe we ever even touched on the subject again. :(
My high school did a variable job of educating the student body about MLK Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement. By using the term variable I mean that it was definately emphasized in the cirriculum and among the texts that we were assigned, however, teachers did not always abide by this. Mostly I know what I know about the time period because of the books I have read during my lifetime.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Talk about Martin Luther King Jr. in school was very seldom, as far as I can remember. It seems like we might have talked about it more in elementery and middle school, rather than in high school. I mean I always knew the story behind it, as far as him speaking on behalf of so many blacks, and giving them a voice. And the fact that he was a big advocate for justice and equality. And the fact that he was assacinated. Other than that I dont believe that we ever went really in depth with any of his speeches or letters, like we just read! Which I actually found very interesting!!! I hope you all did too:)


I don't remember actually discussing Martin Luther King Jr. at all in School. The little I know on the subject was from the history channel. I know he was a civil rights activist, and that he was killed. I also know that he was a pastor in Alabama , and was later elected to be president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. It was created to help the civil rights movement. But that is all that I know of about him.

Andrew Aken

MLK, Jr.

My knowledge base about Martin Luther King, Jr. is similar to the majority of the students in this class. I received a small amount of information about his experiences and the proposals he was trying to fight for. It is quite sad to say that we may have spent less than a few days talking about this great, influential individual.

Lauren Kacenga
In high school and also and middle school, not much time was ever really devoted to studying MLK. We breifly discussed his " I have a dream" speech and maybe spent a day talking about his contributions. Not nearly enough time spent on learning about the civil rights movement either.


In high school, I wasn't taught very much about the Civil Rights movement. We studied it very generally. I don't remember ever talking about Martin Luther King Jr. in any detail whatsoever, not even his "I Have a Dream" speech. I understand the infamous details like everyone else, but I really don't know in depth about the Civil Rights movement I am sad to say.


Unfortunately, throughout my schooling we never really discussed MLK at all. Maybe an english or history teacher would spend a day or two talking about him or his speaches around this time of the year, but that was about it. Dr. King's "I Have a Dream" speech was probably the one of his many contributions to society that we really studied, and even with that, we spent very little time covering this. This is really sad, especially after looking at the other holidays that we get off school for throughout the year.


The last time that I really went into depth about the civil rights movement was probably in 8th grade. I had a really great English teacher that year who was very passionate about that whole era, so we spent a few weeks studying it. Unfortunately, since then, none of my teachers really covered that topic, it was always sort of just skimmed over. Because of this, I have forgotten a lot of the things that happened during that time, which is sad because this is such a big part of our history and had a huge impact on our country.


I guess I'm one of few from a school system that discussed MLK Jr and the civil rights movement frequently. I was in the Worthington Schools System my entire educational career and we discussed the civil rights movement almost every year in elementary school, once in middle school, and a couple times in high school. I do not really remember a lot, but I do remember doing various projects and presentations.


Pretty much just like everyone else who has wrote on this subject in this blog, my high school really didn't touch on the subject of MLK and the civil rights movement. The main aspect that was focused on in very little detail was his famous "I Have a Dream.." speech. Sadly, that's all that was brought to our attention.


As most students, I was not taught a lot about the Civil Rights Movement. At my high school, there was a class that you could take as an elective called African American Studies. In that class though, the Civil Rights Movement was not taught in depth. I was taught like most the "I have a dream...." speech, but that is basically it. Even in my college course AAAS 101 we even skipped over the section about the Civil Rights Movements because of time. That is pretty much it.


In high school, I was taught very little in the area of the civil rights movement. What I do know about the civil rights era is very general. With as little of time my teachers spent on this era, I did not take much urgency in retaining the information taught.

MLK, Jr.

As with most, my high school did not spend much time covering civil rights issues, aside from very few conversations of sit-ins, boycotts, Rosa Parks, and MLK, Jr.. Sophomore year, we all had to write a biography and do a presentation about a civil rights leader, but for the life of me, I cannot remember who I presented. I guess that explains in itself how focused we were on civil rights issues.


My High School teacher was pretty much by the book, so we learned the basics about MLK, Rosa Parks, and Malcolm X, however never got too in depth about anything regarding the Civil Rights Movement. My 12th grade English teacher did however require that we write a one page paper about someone involved with the Civil Rights Movement other than the three I listed above, no surprise I dont remember who I wrote mine on.


As assumed, my high school didn't focus a lot on MLK Jr. or the civil rights era. Yeah, we learned the basics about his "I have a dream..." address and other popular facts and names such as Rosa Parks but there was never very much about civil rights taught in depth to us.

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Intro: Andrew Aken

Hi: My name Is Andrew, I am from Sandusky Ohio. I graduated in 2004 which I know makes me older than anyone else. This is my second time taking this class because I am a transfer student from BG. I currently live off campus with my older brother. I'm a huge adrenaline junky. I normally enjoy any sport and I love to do anything that is a rush and dangerous. Because of this I have had two different knee operations. but oddly enough I have only broken my foot before. If you would like to know anything else or just to B.S., look me up on facebook or IM me on AIM sometime.

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Dan Goepfert

Hi my name is Dan or Danny Goepfert. I'm from Rocky River, Ohio which is about 15 minutes west of Cleveland. I'm a freshman at OSU and im a business major. I live on the 10th floor of Morrison Tower, not to brag but it gets pretty rowdy on the 10th. I played soccer my whole life and kicked for the football team my senior year at Rocky River. I love sports and especially the Cavs, Indians, Brownies and ofcourse the buckeyes. I have 3 brothers, both my older brothers went to OSU. Im pretty much game for anything and just like to have fun, im also on facebook so look me up

Intro: Meredith Finch

Hey Everyone!! :)
My name is Meredith Finch. I'm from San Diego and Im a freshman here at OSU. I live in Smith Hall on the 11th floor (Penthouse!!) Everyone asks why I moved to Ohio from California, but Im sooo glad that I did. I absolutely love it here and Im having a blast!!!! Don't get me wrong though - SD is lots of fun also. I haven't decided on a major yet, it's between business and communications. There's tons of things I love to do. I'm huge on traveling and have been to tons of places. Most recently I traveled down the East Coast of Australia. I love doing crazzzy adventurous stuff like skydiving, bungee jumping, hang gliding, etc. I love trying new things and just having a good time. You can search me on facebook. Anything else you wanna know, just feel free to ask. See you all in class and GO BUCKS!!

Intro: Caroline Reed

Hi! My name is Caroline Reed and I am a freshman at Ohio State. Right now, I am considering majoring in nursing. I live in Canfield Hall and so far love being at OSU. I'm from Cincinnati, Ohio and was on swim team for most of my life. I love OSU football and the Bengals even though OSU had a disappointing finish to their great season and the Bengals weren't that great this year. I have two sisters, two cats and a dog, my favorite food is chocolate and my favorite color is blue. I'm looking forward to this quarter and am excited for all the classes I'm taking including this one.

Intro: Jordan Siebenaller

Hey! I'm Jordan Siebenaller and I'm a freshman here at OSU. I live in Morrill Tower right next to the stadium so I definatly like that. I'm undecided on my major right now but I'm leaning towards being a high school math teacher. I'm from Bascom, Ohio. It's a really small town about half an hour east of Findlay. I went to Hopewell-Loudon high school and played football and ran track. I absolutely love football and am devistated by the buckeye loss last night. I have 2 older brothers, one younger brother, and one my older brothers goes to OSU too. Favorite music is definatly country, but I like pretty much everything. I love playing piano and guitar too. That's about all I have right now. See you all in class.

Intro: Rachel Silverman

Heya! My name is Rachel Arianna Silverman, Rach is fine. I'm a freshman and I live in Park Hall, 6th floor.. by far the best, haha. I'm majoring in Textiles & Clothing, specifically merchandising, marketing, and buying. So pretty much im going to become more of a girl haha. I LOVE shopping, music, and chick flicks! I'm from about half an hour outside of Philadelphia in a tiny little town. In high school, I played Lacrosse, and was center until I dislocated my shoulder junior year, ouch! I am the only person to come to Ohio State from my high school in atleast the past 7 years, so that's fun. I am in love with the 76ers and the EAGLES! I have two brothers, 17 and 14, a 5 year old sister, and a Bichon named Bones. I love to laugh and I'm very sarcastic. I guess I have to mention I'm on facebook like everyone else did.. so look me up! See ya in class :)

Monday, January 8, 2007

Intro: David McGookey

Hello, my name is David McGookey. I am from Sandusky, Ohio. If you haven't heard of Sandusky the easiest way to say where it is is to say the words Cedar Point. Thats when I usually get the collective Ohhhh. Anyways I am a freshmen here and I live on the tenth floor of Steeb Hall, my current major is Psychology. I went to Perkins High School and I played Soccer. I am a sports fanatic, I love the Buckeyes and my three teams from Cleveland (Cavs, Indians, and Browns). I have younger brother and sister. Thats pretty much all I can come up with about me on the spot but look me up on facebook if you want.

Intro: Chelsi Fielder

Hello, my name is Chelsi Fielder. I graduated from Riverside High School, a very small school in DeGraff, Ohio. In high school I was a cheerleader and I also played softball. I am now a freshman at OSU majoring in radiology. I have one sister, she is two years older than me and she also goes to school here at OSU. I have one cat, and my boyfriend and I also just got a puppy. My boyfriends name is Nate and we have been dating for a little over a year now. I like to listen to all kinds of music but mainly country. I also like to watch movies, especially comedies. If there is anything else you want to know you can find me on facebook or just ask!

Ariana Bruno

Hello Everyone!! My name is Ariana Francesca Mazza Bruno. I guess it is pretty weird I have two middle names. I am a freshman and live in Steeb hall on the 10th floor! I am majoring in nursing, and I love Ohio State!! My hometown is Marion, which is about an hour north of Columbus. My hometown is pretty small so I absolutely love it here!! I love laughing and meeting new people!! I have been dancing since the age of 5! It's my favorite thing to do. I used to take tap, jazz, ballet, pointe, and partnering. I also really enjoying playing piano and singing. I also like working out and taking different fitness classes. In high school I was a cheerleader, did school plays, and was in our show choir. I have a pretty open mind and I am, for the most part, up to trying new things. I look forward to getting to know everyone!!

Introducing...Lauren Kacenga :-)

Why Hello to Everyone!!! :-)
My full name is Lauren Kacenga. I have lived quite an exciting life in Youngstwn, OH since I was born. I went to Poland Seminary High School and was active in a variety of organizations. I was a cheerleader, swimmer, softball player, and was involved in the school plays. The one thing I would change about my life would be to have siblings. Yes, being an only child has several advantages, but also has a large quantity of negative ones too! Currently, I am "exploring" here at OSU, but plan to go into the Science field. I have a very bubbly personality and try to focus on the positive things in life. My favorite thing to do is smile, laugh, and basically have a fun time! I hope we all have a thrilling time in English this quarter!!! :-)))))))

Introduction: Phil Moore

What's up, I'm Phil and I'm 19. I was born in Cincinnati, OH, moved to Cleveland when I was 2 and then to Columbus when I was 3 and have lived here ever since. I graduated from Worthington Kilbourne High School, which is 10 minutes from campus. I love to play sports and enjoy watching basketball and football. I'm really laid back and easy to get along with. I live in Morrill Tower on the 11th floor. I will most likely major in Real Estate and Urban Analysis. My favorite kind of music is rock and my favorite movie is Grandma's Boy. Search "Phil Moore" on Facebook and you should be able to find me. If you want to know anything else, just ask.


Hi, my name is Kevin Jordan Rawlins, but I have gone by Jordan my whole life. I am 19 years old and a freshman here at Ohio State. I live in Steeb Hall on the sixth floor. I graduated from Grove City High School which is only about 15 minutes away from here. I played football in high school and I am a huge Ohio State football fan. Anything else you'd like to kno, just ask me!

Intro: Sara Greene

Hi! My name is Sara Greene. I am a freshman and I live in Mack Hall. Right now I am a business major, but that will probably change. I am from DeGraff, Ohio, a very small town about an hour west of here. In high school, I was a cheerleader and I ran track. I graduated in a class of 60. I was also in 4-H and showed steers. My family farms for a living and I have two younger brothers. I worked at Wal-Mart in the summer and over winter break. I love country music, but I listen to pretty much anything. I love OSU football and I also like the Bengals. I'm very laid back and easy to get along with. If you want to know anything else just ask. And like everyone else, you can find me on facebook!

Introduction: Michelle Neely

Hi Everyone!! My name is Michelle and I am a first year student at The Ohio State University. I have never written a blog before. I am from Toledo, OH and I graduated from Woodward High School. I am a first generation college student. I currently reside on south campus in Morrison Tower. I have three brothers and no sisters. I am also the oldest. I don't have any pets because I am scared of most animals. I love the colors green and purple and I love to shop. I am a fun person and like to meet new people. I like OSU because it is diverse and has a lot of opportunities and it is not too far from home. So far my quarter is going well except these book prices are kicking my butt!!

Intro:Jessica Hites

Hi!!! Im Jess;) I am a freshman here at OSU, and I currently live in Smith Hall on the 11th floor! I am from Marysville, which is a small town about 40 minutes northwest of Columbus. I have three siblings, all of which are younger than me. In high school, I played volleyball, in both fall and spring. I also ran the mile in track. I spend a lot of my time here working out. I love to listen to music, and I always sing along to it!!! Usually much louder than I should!!! Some other things that I like to do include shopping, eating at new restaurants, and spending time with my family. I'm pretty easy to get along with, and I love to meet new people! Hopefully we all have a great quarter!!! **Search Jessica Hites on facebook. I cant figure out myspace, so I just stick to facebook:)** Have a great day:) GO BUCKEYES!

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Introduction: Spencer Guido Shero

Hi. My name is Spencer Guido Shero, but I've gone by Guido all my life. I am a freshman here at The Ohio State University and am a business major. I graduated from Saint Ignatius High School in Cleveland last fall. At Saint Ignatius, I played football, wrestling, and track. During the summer, I had an internship with The Cleveland Browns. I plan on continuing with the Browns in the upcoming year. I have three brothers and two sisters. This is the first time I have been away from home from an extended period of time, but I am enjoying my experience so far.

Intro: Pete Studebaker

Hi. My name is Pete Studebaker. I'm a freshman at The Ohio State Univeristy, and I live in Paterson on 12th. First and foremost I ama huge OSU football fan, and am a little pissed i'm not in Arizona right now. I am from the small town of Springfield, and have an older brother and sister who both went to OSU. I played baseball and football in high school. I love all kinds of music from O.A.R. to Coldplay to Shinedown. Anything else you want to know just ask; i'm a pretty easy going guy.

Introduction: Sam DeLiberato

Hey! my name is Sam DeLiberato. I am a freshman and I live on 14th ave. in the Evans Scholar house. I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. I lived with my parents and older brother. In high school I was an all-state football player and a state wrestling qualifier. Here at Ohio State I am majoring in Exercise Science and i am also pre-med. Also my favorite band is The Dave Matthews Band. I'm a outgoing person that likes to joke. Like everyone else you can find me also on facebook! see you in class.

Introduction: Lyndsay Bahr

My name is Lyndsay Bahr, I'm a first year here at Ohio State and I live in Steeb Hall on south campus. My hometown is Ashtabula, Ohio which is about an hour northeast of Cleveland. I like to listen to just about any type of music but presently I'd have to say alternative and rock are my favorites. My favorite food is chocolate, it should definitely be it's own food group. I have one younger brother who's thriteen and a dog and a cat. In high school I was a cheereleader, ran track and played in the band and I also love to go skiing. I love watching football and I'm a really easy person to get along with so I love meeting new people. If there's anything else you'd like to know just look me up on facebook!

Bryant Brackman introduction

Hey, my name is Bryant Brackman. I'm in my first year here at Ohio State and live in Morrill Tower. In high school I played a lot of sports including cross country, golf, basketball, and track. I still like to play these sports in my free time, along with a lot of table tennis. My hometown is Fort Loramie, Ohio, home of the Country Concert for any of you country fans (it's a great time, should check it out). It's a very small town with only a couple thousand people; I only graduated with 63. As you might be able to tell, country music is probably my favorite, however I love listening to rock bands also, especially Green Day. I have two younger brothers, ages fifteen and nine and one pet dog. Think that pretty much covers everything, but if you want to know more do the facebook thing.

Introduction: Tony Carkido

Hi there,
I've never written in a blog before but I'm attempting this because I understand that it is a requirement of the course. Steeltoebootman6 is my screen name on AIM. My myspace URL is http://www.myspace.com/steeltoebootman6 . Uhh... on facebook just search Tony Carkido i guess? I'm not sure how else you would find me because i'm not really familiar with facebook.
I grew up on the west side of youngstown where i went to catholic school for 13 years, 15 years if you count preschool. I'm Roman Catholic. I went to Ursuline High School. I wrestled, played football and soccer. My favorite movie is Gladiator. Recently i've been listening to alot of AFI and The Fray. My favorite t.v. show is Smallville. Anything else you could possibly want to know about me you can probably find on myspace.

I have no clue how to add a picture to this so if someone would like to help me out that would be cool.

homework for tuesday

please post an introduction of yourself--along with a photo!--to the class blog. you can mainly remind us of some of the information we learned about you in class thursday, but can also tell us much more and give links to other blogs, facebook/myspace, etc.

take care, bob