Sunday, January 28, 2007

Bus 174

The thought of kids moving into the street is mind-boggling to me. I know that I would be incapable of survivng under the conditions these children survive in. I was really struck by how cruel and ignorant some people can be. For instance, the kids said they couldn't sleep it open places for fear that people would see tem sleeping and drop pavement stoned on their heads to kill them. This shows a grotesque lack of appreciation for human life. I think in America we treat the homeless better than the Brazilians do, however we also wish they were invisible. Homelessness is a troubling problem that is very difficult to deal with. On one hand those kids deserve a chance, on the other some of the homeless people are there because of bad decisions or habits (drug usage) that they had in the past. There are no good and bad people, its just hard to determine who gets a shot. For the most part I think adults should be held accountable for there own misfortune, however there is no way a group of kids should have to form gangs and rob people at gunpoint in order to survive. This shows that the public is not paying attention to a volatile situation. I was also repulsed when the crowd tried to lynch Santo, I do not care what his crime was, there is no reason for a man to be mangled by an angry crowd.

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