Sunday, January 28, 2007

Bus 174

The issue that was most brought to my attention during Bus 174 was the fact of homeless children forming gangs, living in big groups in the streets, and the impact that this way of life has on their individual personalities. It was hard for me to embrace the concept of children choosing to live in the streets even if they had a family or were able to get in touch with other family members. I guess all they think about is surviving and they do this the only way they know how. And it amazed me that even if certain children were not being beligerant or ignorant towards society they were still beaten, threatened, and killed by law enforcement. Living in an environment like that really changed how those kids acted and the way they thought about the world. Just because they were trying to stay alive the only way they knew how, they were almost forced into hating society and taking such drastic measures to get back at those who had done them or their families harm, such as Sandro did. No one will ever know what those kids could have amounted to if they had not been in the predicament to live their life in that fashion.

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