Thursday, February 8, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth-- "Cancer in a Box"

Almost everybody knows somebody who either passed from or survived cancer, and how many are from skin cancer? From my experience, I have learned that the amount is most likely very high, yet people continue to lay out everyday in the summer or ‘fake-bake’ in the winter. This is due to a few things, one of which being the worldwide obsession over body images and “being beautiful.” Turn on the television and numerous tanning commercials will come on with young, tan, and beautiful spokes models sending out the wrong message. Another reason is the ethics of the industry, or lack thereof. Tanning salons are a particularly negative influence, bringing in tanners, getting them addicted to being tan, and profiting from damaging skin. Proper warnings and limits are not being set and followed by the public, causing them to hurt themselves due to lack of knowledge in the subject. Such is unethical and must be addressed and terminated.

If anybody has any good ideas, please let me know! Thanks :)

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