Monday, February 5, 2007


Although it is hard to believe, the topic of endangered animals really is “an inconvenient truth.” Everyone always says that everything possible should be done to save animals on the endangered list, but following through on this statement is a different story. Most of the animals that are on the endangered species list are there because of human activity, which is a very broad subject. Humans cause endangerment through habitat destruction, such as cutting down forests or causing forest fires. Another way that humans cause endangerment is through putting exotic animals in a new environment. This can be harmful to both the exotic animal and the animals that are native to that area. Humans also have hunted and exploited some animals to the point of endangering them. Two other factors that humans are indirectly responsible for are disease and pollution. Saving these endangered species means giving up our way of life and, sadly, many people do not seem to think that this is a worthwhile sacrifice

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