Tuesday, February 6, 2007


When college students are at a party, and have to choose between a wild and crazy night of sex or sleeping alone, they usually choose sex; for three reasons. First, they are uneducated about the effects of sexually transmitted diseases. Two, they believe they’re invincible. And finally, and possible the most important factor, sex is fun. The reason STDs are such a problem among college students is simply because they love to have sex. Students tend to ignore facts about the dangers of STDs because they’re a nuisance. They don’t want facts about the horrible symptoms of gonorrhea or HIV running through their mind, interrupting their flow while they’re going at it with a person they just met--a person that might be freely giving away their own disease. “It’s not going to happen to me” some may say. These apathetic, or “I’m invincible” attitudes are exactly why STDs on college campuses have become such an epidemic. While using a condom in certainly more safe than unprotected sex, they’re not a one hundred percent safeguard. The only one hundred percent way to be certain to not catch one of these nasty little bugs is abstinence, but that’s no fun.

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