Friday, January 26, 2007

Bus 174

While I was sitting there watching the movie I thought it was shocking. What the movie made me think of is the psychological damage that children that are neglected or went through bad situations go through. It is like so many children rebel against parents and others because they are neglected by their parents and family or because they don’t have any family at all. They do it for attention to belong to a group they would call family. They even go as far as Sandro did. When children fail to do right and get into a lot of trouble, society just rules them as bad people. I think they fail to see that the kids are the way they are because of society and the way that grow up in this world. Like in the movie how Sandro was upset for the police beating his friends and his mother’s death. Those things happen all the time which leads the child to bad things. This is a little off topic, but I think that children that do well doesn’t get that much attention as a bad kid. People tend to worry about what the bad child has done now. I feel that is why a child decides to do bad things to get attention, which is something that they lack. Sometimes when children go through traumatic experiences, the people that didn’t help them or hurt them, they feel that they need to get revenge or let that person know how they feel by expressing themselves. Like in Sandro’s case he held up a bus and told the police how he felt about his mom’s death and about them beating his friends. He probably felt that this was the only way to get anyone’s attention. Overall this movie just made me think about the psychological and mental damage that children go through from traumatic experiences that guides their adult lives.

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