Saturday, January 27, 2007

Bus 174

The major thing I was thinking about as I watched this movie is how hard life must be for homeless people. Although homelessness isn't really something that is talked about in America, it is present, even if it isn't quite as serious of an issue here as it is in other countries. I feel like when homelessness is brought up, especially here in the U.S., many people say that it is partially the person's fault for being homeless because everyone just assumes that people who are homeless are drug/alchohol addicts who just don't care enough about themselves to find a job. I think this is a huge stereotype, and this movie pointed that out. Although many people do end up becoming addicted to drugs, it is more because they had absolutely nowhere else to turn to alleviate their misery. This movie also made me think about law and law enforcement. I am still unsure of who was right in this situation. On one hand is Sandro, and people like him who have been pushed so far and hurt so many times that they are beyond repair. None of us can exactly judge what he did, because none of us have lives anywhere near what his was like. On the other hand is the police force, who were just trying to do their duty and follow orders. However, if the police had not acted so rashly, two deaths-Sandro and Geisha's (I think that was her name) might have been avoided. It is hard to pick sides, but I do not think that Sandro should have been killed because I don't believe he was ever intending to kill anyone, he just saw a gun and reacted on his instincts.

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