Sunday, January 28, 2007

Bus 174

After watching Bus174 in class, I was upset at how oblivious I was to the world around me, eventhough this was Brazil, the same things are happening here in the United States as well. I just cannot imagine leaving my home, and my family and "disappearing" like the kids in the movie did. They just up and left their lives for something.. better? How bad could their homes and families have been in order to leave with the, only option, of running away and becoming a street kid? Some of these kids when they were five years old!! My sister is five years old, she still makes my mom get her dressed! My sister's daily concerns are what time Spongebob Squarepants is on TV, and what picture she is coloring in Pre-School. She wouldn't survive on the street, the idea would never even cross her mind. The thought, at eighteen has never crossed my mind! These street kids though, they join gangs and sleep together, and become a family on the street. A family of five through fifteen year olds, relying on stealing and donations for food and survival, many getting into drugs with the only money they can find. It's crazyy to think about. I just can't beleive I was so nieve and blind about the whole situation. Although, I doubt five year old in the United States are running away, but certainly ten year old and older. There should be more domestic violence rules and laws and other societal watch programs and violence programs/shelters in order to keep this from happening, and to keep children out of jail and off of the streets.

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