Sunday, January 28, 2007

Bus 174

The issue that I was thinking about most was how so many children were living in poverty. I had no idea how terrible of situations these children were living in before I saw this movie. So many children ended up on the streets and in gangs. These children were left homeless or abandoned and had no where to go. They had to steal food, they had to sleep in the streets, and they got into a lot of fights. They had no one to protect or help them, or to teach them right from wrong. All they had was each other. All they wanted was to be accepted and to feel like they belonged. That is why they got into trouble so much, they just wanted some attention. They were treated horribly by society; they had no one on their side. The police probably treated them the worse, constantly threatening and beating them. These children were never given a chance; they were just put down from the beginning.

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