Sunday, January 28, 2007

Bus 174

I believed that the subject brought forth in Bus 174 is an extremely important subject, which is homelessness and gangs. Growing up in a suburb Cleveland (one of the highest rates of poverty and homelessness) I was able to understand certain circumstances. This movie made me really think about those who are not as fortunate as us writing these blogs. But, the main issue that I really focused on in this movie was not just the fact of a hijacker on a bus, but how different situations are handled in different countries. The policemen were untrained and inexperienced which is a very important flaw in their law enforcement. When situations go out of control enforcers should be able to take charge and handle the situation calmly and professionally. The way that the officers let the hijacker take control of every aspect in the negotiation was absolutely horrible. There is no reason why the men who cant get jobs end up being the men who protect you. It just disgusted me that the police force and SWAT team let this situation continue until someone innocent died. They had plenty of shots to take at the bus, but didn’t because they didn’t want to kill the hijacker but as soon as he shot and killed the woman they deliberately killed him in the van. Acting out of ignorance and embarrassed by their inability to control the situation they murdered him. Two people died because of the inexperience of the law enforcers.

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