Saturday, January 27, 2007

Bus 174

In the movie, Bus 174, the children are subjected to gangs, where they only learn ways to survive. The children must steal food and fight. They also get caught up into drugs. Without parents or someone to help take care of them, these children do what they must to survive on the streets. Some may see these children as the ones who cause trouble, which they do. However, they are also the victims of a poverty-stricken nation. Sandro, who takes over the bus, only has the influence of other kids, who live on the streets, to educate him. This type of up bringing leads him to feelings of revenge, of his mother's death, and hatred. This is the reason for him hijacking the bus. Sandro knows no other way to get attention and make his point clear. He is a victim of neglect. He sees the bus as an opportunity to draw attention to himself, however, the movie makes it clear that he is sincere and means no harm. This goes to show children with no postitive influence, who are left alone to surivie, have no judgement of right reasoning. This is because they know no other way, only how to survive, even if that means through bad, unrational actions.

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