Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bus 174

An important issue was the child poverty and the law enforcement. They explained in the movie that if people can't get jobs their last resort is a police officer. It doesnt seem as if they get the proper training because the people living in poverty explain how they get beat by the police frequently. These homeless children in Brazil are left with nothing no where to go.It is expected that they are going to steal and grow up to be angry and confused. They have had no direction in life, no one to tell them whats right and wrong. They have been force to grow up too quickly. They get involved with drugs and are pyschologically unstable. Saundro was trying to prove a point because he was desperate from what the people did to his mother before his eyes. The police let the situation drag on too long before they did anything, and when they tried shooting Saundro after he left the bus they missed him. They didn't do anything to help the hostages or even try. When he explained what he needed, there was no police officer on the video that even tried to get what he wanted. Not saying they should have got the gun and granade, but they didn't try to negotiate either. It was very convincing that they have not been trained to anticipate such situations. Comparing this to America, our Law Enforcement if much more powerful and experienced than in Brazil. Child poverty is a major issue world wide.

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