Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bus 174

Homelessness has always been a concern for the majority of larger cities that sweep our nation such as N.Y.C., San Francisco, and Chicago. We are always torn between lending out a few coins here and there to the homeless. Our government works to help these disadvantaged souls. Unlike the U.S., Brazil isn’t this fortunate. Not only does Brazil have homeless adults, but sadly homeless children as well. The Brazilian police opened fire on the homeless children in the streets. Something we would seldom see in the U.S. There were around 60 children shown living on the streets and begging for food. They didn’t have an orphanage, a soup kitchen, or welfare pay to depend on as American children and families have. This just releases a huge gasp of relief to not have to worry about children living in such slum conditions as Brazilian homeless children must do. The video also made me more aware of the conditions people are living in outside the safe boundaries of America.

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