Sunday, January 28, 2007

Bus 174

The one thing in the film that stood out to me was the lack of order. The police had no control of the area around the bus during the crisis. If that was in America there wouldn't have been a civilian within a mile of that bus. The lack of control during the incident seems to reflect the atmosphere of the nation in general. Police officers have little to no training, murder helpless children on the streets. Prisoners are packed into jail cells like rats, and there are thousands of children with backgrounds similar to Sandro's with nowhere to turn. They run to a life of crime, and most end up in jail or victims of violent deaths. The bus incident is what happens when all of those factors (with a lot of drugs) come together to create a dangerous and violent situation. I like to think that what happened to those children outside the church would never happen with our justice system in America, and it's frightening that there are nations out there where it does.

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