Sunday, February 4, 2007


Much of society ignores the most important part of exercising. This is where aerobic exercise becomes inconvenient. Today’s society worships the man with big muscles, the big time football player, but doesn’t seem to recognize the tri-athlete or any other focused aerobic exerciser. The focus of exercise has changed from the primary goal of staying healthy to the goal of looking like one is fit. Just because someone looks strong or lifts a lot of weight does not mean they are necessarily healthy people. Another aspect making aerobic exercises inconvenient is that young adults don’t realize how this kind of exercise improves your life style. Most importantly, it increases oxygen flow throughout their body making their organs, especially the heart, lungs and brain to stay functional as they age.
Living a sedentary lifestyle is suicide in itself. Too many have thrown away the evidence that has proven time and time again that aerobic exercise leads to a better and healthier life, just because of a disinterest in physical activity.

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