Thursday, February 1, 2007


The psychological damage of racism on children is my topic. It is about how racism affects a child mentally and causes them to do bad things or hurt themselves. The topic consists of how small children are taught things through parents and society that is hurtful to them and others and how they interpret it. Small children store things that they learn from their parents, then when they get older they use what they know when they come to a similar situation. The only problem with this is that children get hurt by many things as a child like racism, abuse, etc that they can’t process what to do correctly (Jacob Holdt). The topic talks about how different races offend each other and how the children see this and think it is okay. Statistics show that all minority groups are affected by racism, but it is most evident in young children.

Racism is more than just black and white. It is a combination of all races. For example the Middle Eastern race goes through it too because since 9/11 everyone thinks that their families are terrorists or have family members that are. It could happen to whites because they can become hurt from different races because they are looked at as the bad guys of racism. Many people may think it is a small problem, but it isn’t at all. It is something that needs to be resolved or so many children will continue to grow up with problems. In today’s world it is almost as racism does not exist, it is invisible to many, but if you look around it is happening everywhere. Some people contribute to racism and seem to not care or understand that they are doing it; to me this is one of the major reasons why the psychological damage of racism on children is so inconvenient and the fact that people think it is does not exist.

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